Smart home

A smart home is a home that automatically takes care of tasks around your house, freeing up your time for the more important things in life. It’s not all about the fancy touchscreens and gadgets on the wall, infact its actually the total opposite. Smart Homes were originally a luxury purchase for the rich and famous, but now smart home technology is available to everyone. It is now possible to have a high tech, easy to use smart home for a fraction of the cost of the high end systems. Yet they still deliver the same levels of control, integration, reliability, future proofing and ease of use. With so many smart home solutions on the market it was difficult to find a complete system to meet our clients’ needs. When looking for a system we had to take into consideration full flexibility and cost of installation.

We believe that home automation should be simple and affordable. After considering all the options available and what we could achieve with these we finally found Loxone. We live and breath Loxone. We could sell systems from other vendors, but why would we when our clients can benefit from a state of the art, fully integrated, functional Smart Home for a fraction of the price of the other well known systems. Loxone is a full 360° smart home solution. We can tell you one thing in advance: it’s more than just controlling your lights with an app! Everyday tasks are taken off your hands. This varies from lighting and heating control to security, blinds, music, AV distribution and energy management, your whole home can be intelligently automated via one home automation system. Going away on holiday? No problem. With Loxone you can use the app to set the entire house to ”holiday mode’ which sets a safe minimum temperature so that no energy is wasted, but also protects the house against low temperatures. From smart homes to networking, video distribution to smart security – we are waiting to meet with you to discuss your requirements. From design, through to installation and handover, we are ready and waiting to deliver. Whether you‘re building, renovating, extending, or just looking to improve your home, we have both wired and wireless solutions to choose from. We will bring your vision to life!Our services include planning, design, installation, commissioning, programming, optimization and maintenance through your Loxone experience. If you would like anymore information on what Loxone can provide in your home or even a free demo please get in touch with us.